State of the Podcast

So as you may know by now, given my relative silence as of late, things in the ‘Outcast’ world have been pretty chaotic. It’s a little difficult to get your writing groove on when everything around you seems to demand some kind of attention, or leaves you with such a bitter taste in your mouth that any kind of inspiration just goes PFFFT out the window.

Life’s been filled with several ups and downs for me, as well as I’ve moved yet again. Now, while part of me thinks it’s a step up in life, it also involves taking the contents of a 2,000 square foot basement suite and smooshing it all into a bedroom the size of a college dorm room. I’ve already downsized my bed (queen down to double), gotten rid of 3 desks and a stereo stand, and have even more paring down of my worldly possessions to do before I’ll be satisfied.

I’ve just recently dug my microphone and stand out of my half dozen or so as-yet packed boxes, and am working on setting up my recording ‘studio,’ as it were. I’d like to say that I’ll have something out soon, but it seems every time I say that I wind up being silent once more.

However, now that I’m slowly getting back into a kind of living routine, I do want to become a little less silent in the podosphere once more, be it either with more frequent blog entries, podcasts, and voice spots on other shows. I’ve realized that the only way I’m ever going to beat this whole thing is just to bear down and get it done.

That’s about all I can say for the moment. I’ll update you all when I know more.

Chris Hvidsten


  1. I recently started to listen to Outcast and I am IN LOVE with the story! You are a very good writer and reader and I can’t wait to hear the rest. Maybe you can knock on wood every time you put out an episode. Please finish, it’s wonderful!

  2. Great, I can’t wait to here more from you! I just caught up, & I love your Outcast story.

  3. Dude, your story kicks ass!!!!
    I have been checking your status for months now and all I have to tell you is,”I can wait” take all the time you need. the story you are telling is very cool! it seems that the circumstances of your life are making you an Outcast of sorts. As a devoted listener, what can I do to make this experience better for you?

  4. no prob, man, take your time, it just gets people pumped up to hear the next one ;). I’ve been trying to do a podcast for awhile now, but considering my age, occupation, and the fact I have two annoying little brothers and a mother that does day-care, I can’t start :P. so ya, good luck 🙂

  5. Still loving your show, just finished 18, thinking of going back and listening through all the chapters all over again ;P Incredible work so far Chris, I saw that 18 was uploaded jan 2010 and became worried that something really bad had happened, glad to see that it is just RL interfering and hope that it will leave you alone 🙂 I also hope that after you finish this one we see another with these fantastic characters, Thanks again Chris, Hope you stay hale and hearty!!

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