Outcast – Episode 20

So, after over a year’s hiatus, ‘Outcast’ is back with Chapter 20.

If you’ve been following this blog up to this point, you know that 2011 was a rather busy year for me from a personal standpoint. It’s never easy to focus on the things you love when everything else in your life suddenly pops up and demands attention. The first half of 2012 wasn’t much better, what with a new career and a few other responsibilities that have come up.

On the plus side, the new job has actually reduced my stress level to the point that my creative urges are beginning to pierce the veil and worm my way back into my mind. I have to admit that it feels good not to be constantly watching things like my bank account or my mail for nasty letters. Instead, I’m finally in a position where I can focus on the important things.

That being said, I bring you Chapter 20.

IN THIS CHAPTER: Dalan wrestles with his conclusion about who stole the Ka’al P’ack and why. He also wrestles with the choices laid out before him: To confront the Clans with this news, or to continue on with his plans to eventually leave Bengalis with Te’Ki.

Chris Hvidsten


  1. Welcome back – was hoping you would eventually continue this stellar story

  2. Awesome stuff as always Chris. I actually don’t mind the long delays, I believe it makes the story more compelling when waiting in anticipation. Can’t wait for your next ep.

    • Hi Steve.
      I’m hoping to get Ep 21 up soon…just been doing a lot of bouncing around with my new job and stuff. Admittedly it makes it difficult to find the time to put the proper spit and polish on the newest episode.

  3. Hi. I was wondering if you were going to post the Stranger in a Strange Land story on here, or if you was going to resurrect The Drunken Gungan?

    • Holy blast from the past, Batman :O

      In truth I still have all the source code from the old site. I’m not sure if I’ll put it up in its original format, but now that you mention it I might try to re-vamp the site and post those old stories (with a few adjustments/edits).

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