Outcast – Chapter 21

Ok, I’ve been hinting at this for I don’t know how long, but after more trials and tribulations than I’d like to think about, I’m back on track with Outcast.  To prove that point, I present Episode 21, now with new theme music (thanks to the PMN shutting down) and hopefully a good sound.

This is the first recording I’ve done in my new digs, so room treatment is still a work in progress.  I think I’ve done well to kill the echo, but I’ll keep improving as I go.  After all, I’ve only been here for a few weeks.

As always, feedback is always appreciated at outcastnovel@gmail.com, or you can also leave a brief soundbite right here on the blog (if it’s still enabled).

Special thanks to the crew at Fangs and Fonts for inviting me into their weekly writing group and helping me get my writing groove back on.  This one’s for you guys (and gal).


Dalan learns what the autumn means to Te’Ki, and realizes just what she’s sacrificing to remain by his side.  Will it be enough to quell his growing thirst for vengeance against those who exiled him, or has he gone too far already?


Chris Hvidsten


  1. Welcome back! I am going to restart the series from beginning, and listen through. Keep em coming!

    • Thanks for coming back and listening Ryan. I apologize in advance for the less than stellar quality of the first few episodes…something I’m hoping to rectify in the near future 🙂

  2. Chris – I posted in an older thread without realizing – thought I would repost encouragemnt to to you in finishing this project.


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