Outcast – Chapter 22

So let’s see, between my site being locked out due to a hacking attempt, and other such real-life trivialities, I finally present Outcast – Chapter 22.  As I’ve mentioned before, the written portion of the story is done now…all that remains is the final recordings and edits needed to finally put an end to this book and start on the next one.

What? You didn’t know by now I had another one brewing?

I’ll be filling you all in on the details of that one when this one has finished posting.  But for now:



The aftermath of Dalan’s intervention in the attempted abduction of his sister, Tila, is finally revealed. In the wake of it all, he now struggles with his promise to keep Te’Ki safe, as well as his lingering sense of loyalty to his former Clan.

Chris Hvidsten

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  1. Downloading and will be listening to it on my next run! Cant wait. Also glad to hear you have plans to continue this series, looking forward to it.

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