Outcast – Chapter 23

Greetings from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Outcasts!

Yes, that’s right; I’m currently here on business, but before I left I made sure to record a chapter for all of you so I’d have something to do in the down-time.  See, this is just how much I care for you all.

Once I’m back home, it’s of course back to the studio to record the final (yes I did say FINAL) chapter of ‘Outcast.’ I’m so close that I can taste it, folks. But that one will have to wait just a little bit longer.  For now though, here’s Chapter 23

In this Episode:

Te’Ki has come to a decision about her own future, which will free Dalan to continue unfettered down his chosen path.

Fangs and Fonts Podcast: http://www.fangsandfonts.com/

Chris Hvidsten


    • Thanks for the heads-up Mike.
      I’ve fixed the link so it works now.

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