Outcast Update – Looking To The Future

So yeah, the Q&A show never happened, largely because no questions came in. I’m honestly not really surprised, given how off-and-on this particular project has been.

I’ve also gotten a few verbal comments from fans whom I deal with in the real world, and they’ve all basically said the same thing: “Damn you, what happens next?” I’m not sure if it’s a badge of honor when someone gets angry at you for – to coin a phrase from awesome author and podcast veteran J.C. Hutchins – ‘cliffhangering’ them. However, it’s clear to me that this can’t end on a note like this.

Of course, that was never the plan, anyway. This was just the beginning of the overall saga, and it will continue.

As well as working on the next story, I’m also working on re-recording the entirety of ‘Outcast’ to produce a work that is consistent in terms of audio quality. The plan is to release it on Podiobooks.com to see if the world at large wouldn’t mind listening to the exploits of a certain tiger.

So that’s about where things are right now. There’s a bit of a road ahead of me here, but at least I’m heading it the right direction.

Chris Hvidsten

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