Outcast – Episode 13


Hello once again, Outcasts. I know y’all missed me, and I missed all of you too.

At long last, here’s episode 13. This will be the last episode for 2008, and my New Year’s resolution is to be a bit more frequent with updates in 2009. Yeah, I know; I say that every time. 😛


Dalan returns home from his first retreat up in the mountains with his Sensei. Though somewhat emboldened by the revelation that he is indeed a special student, he dreads opening that door and seeing that he is once again alone.

The question is…is he?

Promo: Niv Wizard: http://nivwizard.mevio.com

Additional music for this episode:
‘Consummation Opus’ by Amaran’s Plight
‘Alone’ by Brian Turner
Both these artists are available on the Podsafe Music Network at http://www.musicalley.com

Chris Hvidsten


  1. There doesn’t seem to be an MP3 file associated with this entry at the moment. Makes enjoying the episode a little…tricky. 😉 When you get a chance fixing that would be good. Otherwise hope you are having a good break right now.

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