Outcast – Episode 15

Hello again, Outcasts and casual readers.


In Episode 15:
Cornered in an alleyway by a group of unknown assailants, Dalan and Te’Ki are forced to see each other in new lights. For Dalan, he will see a part of Te’Ki’s shadowy past, while for her…she will catch a glimpse of what Dalan is destined to become…

And it terrifies her…

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Chris Hvidsten


  1. First i would like to say thanks for the update.
    Second I thought you might like to know that my wife is becoming an Outcast. We were recently on a long train ride so i suggested she break the tedium by listening to your story. She is finished with the first 3 chapters and is hooked.

    I hope everything is going well in your world. Keep up the good work.


    • Hey Tom.

      That is just so cool to hear. I certainly hope your wife enjoyed the rest of it.

      And not to worry about my life; in August things will settle down for me and I’ll be able to really focus on this project.


  2. OK, great job on outcast I have been loving it. But….. you left us hanging. I sure hope all is well with you and your family. I downloaded off of the zune site and it says you have been to long since updating so I was just wondering what was up do you plan on updating on the zune site? I sure hope so. Thanks for all the great work and keep it up!


    • Hi Mary.

      I’ve finished the next chapter, have it all printed out and ready to record. My voice has been a little off this week thanks to the changing weather, but I’m feeling a fair bit better now. I’m hoping to have it up this weekend.

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