Outcast – Episode 5

In this Episode:

Dalan is now on his own…exiled from his family and warned to never set foot on Clan lands again under pain of death. He wakes up in his new home and sets about trying to put his life back together. As he does so, he learns that being an exile doesn’t necessarily mean being alone…

Hey, I’ve got a voicemail line now YAY!: 206-666-2912

Scott Sigler’s Nocturnal

Playing for Keeps by Mur Lafferty

Crescent by Phill Rossi

Chris Hvidsten


  1. Unable to download this MP3 file. Episode 05 on podiobooks.com is currupt. link to comment on episodes at podiobooks.com doesn’t work… good book, such chore to get to listen to it.

    • Hi Jim.

      I notified the Podiobooks staff and they’re getting the episode re-built. Thanks for letting me know about this so quickly. With any luck it’ll be fixed up shortly.

  2. No problem at all, I’m just a bit frustrated (which I suppose is a good sign) because I was enjoying it so much. There is a lot of content on Podiobooks.com but sadly most of it is really substandard stuff. It has given me a new appreciation of how difficult it must be for agents and publishers who are sent unusable material all the time. At any rate, it can be quite a chore trawling through the stories trying to find something decent so, a good story is quite a bonus.

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