Outcast – Episode 18

After a few starts and stops, and a few more ups and downs, Episode 18 of ‘Outcast’ is finally up and live.

However, you’ll probably notice that only the Mevio/Feedburner feed has been updated…not the Podiobooks.com one. There is a reason for this, and it’s because of me, not Evo.

There’s a certain level of expectation at PB from both those running it and those who subscribe to books on it. That expectation, because of numerous personal problems, is one I have not been nor will be able to meet. While my scheduled completion date of the book is still feasible, the completion of the recorded segments in an orderly fashion is not.

Therefore, I have decided to not ask Evo to lift the restriction on ‘Outcast’ at Podiobooks.com until such time as I have all the remaining audio recorded and ready to upload.

My apologies to any PB.com listeners who might feel left out. However, if you’d like there’s still the feedburner/Mevio podcast feed, which you can find at http://feeds2.feedburner.com/podshow/outcast

And, now that that’s out of the way, here’s episode 18:

Now absolved of his guilt over his recent rage attack, Dalan settles back into his life, only now with the knowledge that his best friend, Tomas, is spreading the word to his trusted friends about the tiger’s status as an exile.

Chris Hvidsten


  1. Your story is one of, if not THE best podcast I have heard. I travel quite a bit, and have listened to Sigler, Morris, and 7th Son Trilogy (name eludes me at moment) among many many others. My personal favorite, Nathan Lowells is where I equate your podcast as well. Keep up the progress and hope to hear the conclusion of this story!

    • Thank you so much, RT. Sorry for the late reply…been a little busy as of late.

      I’m flattered and very honoured that you would equate me to the writing of Nathan Lowell. Actually, I’m a huge fan of his work too. I’ve listened to every one of his ‘Golden Age’ books, and he’s been a real inspiration to me both on ‘Outcast’ and an upcoming project I’ve been working on.

      And not to worry; the story is continuing despite life throwing up its usual share of obstacles and the like. Oh, and the 7th Son guy? JC Hutchins. 🙂

      Thanks again.

  2. episode 18 was amazing, thnx,
    and I admire your choice to not push for podiobooks.com releases. I’ve never understood many of their rules: as if authors have no lives. LOL. Well I know how chaotic life can get and I’ll patiently await episode 19. though I hope not to have to wait until you’ve completed all of your recordings.

    In fact since finding your site I’ve re-listened to all of “Outcast” this time with extras that podiobooks so abhors and I as a fellow creative and artist adore to the most.

    But regardless of “when” we’ll get to experience “Outcast”‘s next episode & set of chapters: I eagerly await seeing more of the world you’ve created and have so gracefully shared with us all.

    Thank you again & in advance,
    Kaity G. B.

    • Thanks so much, Kaity.

      As for Podiobooks.com, I can kind of understand their viewpoint when it comes to wanting completed/consistently updated books. I mean, I know how frustrating it can be, subscribing there and having to wait a week or two between episode updates. Factor in that there’s no commentary from the author concerning *when* the next episode will be, and the frustration just builds from there.

      I am glad though that you went back through the ‘Mevio’ feed to listen to the commentary. Like you, I do enjoy the ‘jibber jab’ at the beginning/end of each episode, which in my opinion sets a podcast novel apart from other audiobook formats. It adds a level of personality to the book that you can’t get from a standard book on tape.

      Again, thank you so much for your continued listening, patience, and eagerness to hear more about this little world I’ve created. It’s fans like you who make this all worthwhile.


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